Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was a crossing point in the Berlin Wall during the cold war, located on Friedrichstraße.

It was one of more border crossings, but has become the most well known, frequently featured in movies and books, as it was the only crossing point allowed for foreigners and members of the Allied forces.

The name Charlie came from the letter C in the NATO phonetic alphabet; similarly for other Allied checkpoints on the Autobahn from the West: Checkpoint Alpha at Helmstedt and its counterpart Checkpoint Bravo at Dreilinden, Wannsee.

Today Checkpoint Charlie is one of Berlin’s primary tourist attractions. A copy of the original guard house can be seen at the crossing point at Friedrichstraße and an open-air exhibit tells the story of the crossing and its significance during the Cold War.

Friedrichstraße 43-45, 10117 Berlin
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